Christian Childcare † Port Orchard † Washington


Big Kids! 5-12yrs

Our extended care program is a service provided for our working parents who want a Christian environment for their child before and after school at Wee Care Learning Center. Our goal is to provide a safe and positive atmosphere for each child. This service also provides transportation to 4 local elementary schools.
Throughout the summer, this same extended care is provided for those enrolled in Wee Care Learning Center’s summer program. The program includes off-campus activities like field trips. On campus, fun features crafts, cooking, and games.


Pre-school (ages 2½ to 5)

Our Pre-K programs cater to ages 2½ through 5 and provide a dynamic, vibrant and fun learning environment to ensure that each child gets the best form of education possible. Our program is designed to encourage your child’s growth socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. We want to partner with you in this endeavor through a curriculum that is centered on God’s Word. Our Pre-K inspires your young learner by teaching strategies to learn both life and academic skills needed to become lifelong learners.


 Port Orchard Daycare

We believe students learn best by being actively involved with new knowledge and having the opportunity to explore and construct understanding. A knowledge base is imperative, but students also need to use and experience that knowledge in a multitude of ways involving the senses. We allow students to explore and be challenged in their learning in a safe and nurturing environment always fostering a love of learning. What we do comes from a curriculum view, so both play and class time have an educational impact. We are the best choice when it comes to Christian Port Orchard Daycare.

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